Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Studio Classroom Class 空中英語教室

It has been over a month since I opened the first Studio Classroom in Vancouver, and so far, the outcome has been magnificent. We have nearly 20 students every lesson. Students of all ages, backgrounds, and English levels create a diverse studying environment and make the lessons fun and exciting.

Each week on Thursday we meet in a large hall that seems empty and cold at first, but as soon as 10 o'clock approaches, the room starts to fill with smiles. The enthusiastic learners I get in the classroom warm up the hall. Everyone forgets that their native language is not English and for the next two hours, it's an all-English environment.

Students learn useful vocabulary for an everyday use, correct pronunciation, conversation practice, common expressions, reading comprehension, and global knowledge. In addition to these, they also receive a special grammar lesson from our coordinator, Dr. Ken Kuo (, and a healthy morning exercise instructed by one of our students, May. The brain and body work-out use the two hours to the fullest.

Join us if you like. Please contact Dr. Kuo at regarding Studio Classroom.


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