Sunday, September 09, 2007

What Makes a Good Teacher

A very good but difficult to answer question. I came across an article today. Children all over the world were asked what they thought a good teacher is. The following are some of the answers.

"The teacher is to students what the rain is to the field." Zaira Alexandra Rodriguez Guijarro, 11, Mexico.

"You need to be kind, trusting and friendly to me... you must listen and understand us all... never lose your temper or ignore us... I like a smile and a kind word." Rose, 9, New Zealand.

"A good teacher should treat all pupils like his own children. He should answer all questions, even if they are stupid." Fatoumata, 11, Chad.

"To become a good teacher, you not only teach the children but you also learn from them." Tasha-Leigh, 12, Jamaica.

"A teacher must understand every child’s needs and try to bring out the best in each pupil." Kimberly, 11, Trinidad and Tobago.

"They should not just be educators but role models, so the world’s young will be able to acquire knowledge in a better way." Satish, 10, Saint Lucia.

I never forget why I'm a teacher and the reasons I love teaching!


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